What can Voluma do for me?

Voluma is a bit different then your typical Hylauronic Acid. Voluma is injected using a different concept when it comes to facial fillers. It is placed in the mid face to help support areas of volume loss and to restore facial contours that have diminished due to age.  By supporting the mid-face you can also see improvements that can take place in the lower face and jaw line. It helps to “lift” without the need for surgery.

What makes Voluma different from other facial fillers?

Voluma is similar to Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero as they are all hylauronic acid gels but the injection technique and placement for Voluma differs from these other fillers.  When injecting Voluma, your injection specialist needs to look at the Ogee Curve to determine what’s best for each patient.  Voluma is the 1st and only filler on the market to be approved by the FDA for age related volume loss in the mid-face.

What is the Ogee Curve?

Over the next few months you will hear more and more about the Ogee Curve in the media. The Ogee Curve is the contour, or curve, that runs from the cheekbone to the mid-face hollow. The typical youthful midface follows the curve of the Ogee Curve. As we age, our face tends to lose this curve and flatten from sagging skin and volume loss due to age.

How long does Voluma last?

One unique property of Voluma is the Vycross ™ technology. Vycross™ produces an efficiently and tightly cross-linked gel, which contributes to it’s lift capacity and the duration of the product.

This allows Voluma, after optimal treatment, to last for up to 2 years.

What is recovery like?

As with any injection, swelling and bruising are the main concerns. If a bruise does occur, it can last anywhere from 3-10 days. We suggest you avoid certain over the counter medications and vitamins before coming in to see us.